Carefolk allows the team to provide great care, wherever you are.

With all of your cases, tools, and communication in one place, Carefolk allows multi-disciplinary care teams easily manage their case load and simplifies the patient journey.

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Simple Efficiency

Becoming a great care team requires collaboration, efficiency, and simplicity. Carefolk has been designed to give care teams and management the right tools, at the right time, in a beautiful easy-to-use design.

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Saving Time and Costs

Evidence Based Results: from independent survey of care teams using Carefolk completed by the Health Innovation Hub:
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20 to 30 mins saved
per client visit.
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10 to 15 hrs freed up
per clincian p/week.
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Up to 50% reduction
Clinician's admin time.
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3x increase
in client's cared for.
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Greatly improved
patient outcomes.
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Better team decisions
Reduced bed days.
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Outright National Winner
Best eHealth Solution
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Outright National Winner
Best Primary Care Solution
Comes on all devices

Comes on all devices

Carefolk gives your team maximum flexibility when managing patients, on-site or remotely.

  • icon Web app: secure access through a browser.
  • icon Android App
  • icon iOS App
  • icon Desktop App: Installed directly on hospital or clinic machines.
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Designed for modern care teams

Client Case Management

Triage, schedule, assess and co-ordinate client cases.

Virtual Patient Pathway

Enables a virtual patient pathway and virtual assessment by clinicians.

Integrated Care Solution

Enables 'cross silo' client record visibility for multidisciplinary care teams.

Secure Shared Health Record

One consistent client health record & patient notes updated and accessible by clinicians at the point of care.

Team Communication Suite

Private & Group communication in-app greatly increasing staff engagement & co-ordination.

Patient Portal

Patient & Family Portal designed to support care in the home, in an easy-to-use user experience.

Dashboards & Analytics

Real time analytics and dashboards for resource and population planning.

Supports multiple teams

Carefolk has been built from the ground up to support the creation of a community network of sites & teams.

Smart Updates & Alerts

Meeting & schedule reminders, push notification for new messages & updates.

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See Carefolk for yourself.

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Delivering results

Supporting clinicians, caregivers and the patients they serve is our core mission.

“Carefolk has made my day much more efficient and allows me to quickly and easily access everything. Writing client notes is also now so much quicker, ”

Danielle Shorthall
Physio Therapist

“Carefolk has been great for multidisclinary team input into the care of a client. It allows clinicians deliver a holistic approach to client care.”

Gillian Hogan
Senior Occupational Therapist

“The Integrated Care Team has been using Carefolk for nearly 2 years. It has allowed us to streamline our client documentation including assessments, care plans, therapy and nursing notes, saving a lot of time and increasing efficiency when writing client discharge letters or when making onward referrals.”

Liz O'Connell
Clinical Nurse Specialist
& Case Manager

“Carefolk has made daily work so much easier. I can quickly access information from all disciplines allowing much more efficient working with clients in a community setting.”

Sinead Tierney
Clinical Occupational Therapist

“Carefolk has been instrumental. In my estimation, as a clinician, Carefolk reduces my admin time by up to 50%”

Sarah Fitzgibbon

“The HSE Integrated Care Team have saved 1000 hospital bed days in the last 3 months. Carefolk has really helped us push on with this project”

Dr. John Cooke
Consultant Geriatrician & Integrated Care Team Lead
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Quick to deploy

Your teams can be onboarded and up and running in a matter of days. Built for ease of use and adoption, users love Carefolk's simple and intuitative user experience.

We provide training, support materials, and ongoing user support to ensure that you don't miss a step.

Any questions, we're to help
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Carefolk is provided as a Software as a Service. This means that you are charged a subscription on the basis of the number of team members you have on the platform. We do not charge per patient profile. This means that you only pay for what you use, don't pay extra for service you do not need and can budget accordingly. We also charge for training and site set-up.
For more information on pricing, please contact us

Yes. The platform is HIPAA, ISO, & GDPR compliant, and compliant with consumer protection laws in relevant jurisdictions.

Security of data is our highest priority. To safeguard customers and user's data we align with industry best practices for protecting confidentiality and data integrity. This is equivalent to the data security methods used in banking and medical facilities. Secure access over HTTPS (SSL) is provided with all domains. Data center SSAE-18 audited. We employ strict auditing and security measures on internal and cloud networks. There is heavily restricted employee access in place. Data is encrypted in transfer, and encrypted at rest. Data is backed up continuously.

You (our Customer) act as the Data Controller, which means you determine how the data is to be processed. We act as the Data Processor for providing service to our customers and users of the platform.

No, absolutely not. We do not claim any ownership over user or patient data. This is expressly set out in the user agreement.

Yes, we take on board feedback from customers and the users of the platform and always look to make improvements where they make sense for the carefolk community of users as a whole. All improvements and feature updates are pushed to all customers and users of the platform.

Yes. Carefolk has been developed with a full set of APIs (standard, FHIR) and can integrate with current systems.
For more information, please contact us

Yes. The platform has been built to support a network of sites, and contains a multi domain architecture. We have also built the platform in such a way that one clinician or team member can have one profile, but belong to multiple teams.
Why not ask for a demo and we can show you more.

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See Carefolk for yourself.

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